Woolfull Magazine Issue 13 - 26 September 2017 - A Trip to Yarndale 2017


Festivals are odd things. Loads of random people brought together by a single shared interest, which in a lot of cases is the only thing those people have in common. There's even a fireball throwing festival in Scotland once a year! You can keep your Glastonbury, V festival or whatever, we're just not bothered about all that hanging round in fields pretending to have a good time. When it comes to yarn though, count us in.

We all went to Yarndale last year and had a blast. So we were very excited to go back this year for a day of wool-fondling, and yarn related chatter, where everyone is there because they love wool as much as we do (almost!).

We got there right on time, and couldn't wait to get started.

Rosie started knitting socks recently, so she was very giddy about the massive range of sock wool available. It's fair to say we got a bit fan-girl about some of the designers (Truly Hooked, Devon Sun Yarns and Cuddlebums to name just a few).

We wandered round for a whole day, with only the briefest stop for lunch (the food area was much better than last year by the way). We talked about yarn, we talked about crochet and knitting, we gave unsolicited opinions on people's yarn purchases and we accepted unsolicited opinions on hours.






We went home a good 7 hours later tired but very happy, and then spent the rest of the evening staring at our yarn hauls and grinning. We thought we were pretty reserved considering!


If you've never been to Yarndale before we can't recommend it enough.