Meet the Team

3 square photos, each with a shoulders-up photo of a member of the team. Underneath their photos is their name in large capital letters


We're all massive fans of all things yarn, and can all knit and crochet to varying degrees. If you need pattern inspiration, project help or a personal shopping experience we can all definitely help. We all have our own strengths though, and luckily for us they fit together like a good jigsaw.

Debbie is The Outgoing One

Debbie is the chatty one if you come to the shop, and the hugger if you meet us at the show. She's definitely the peopliest person in the team, and can talk all day!

Debbie loves to knit socks, and to think about knitting sweaters (but doesn't actually get around to making them :D). She loves bright, vibrant colours and is generally averse to neutrals.

Rosie is The Creative One

Rosie is FULL of ideas, from pattern design to ready-to-make kits and everything inbetween. She's likely the one you'll find on our Instagram. She's always got at least 20 WIP's, and gets bored or distracted constantly. She's a whiz at fixing project issues and deciphering tricky patterns.

Rosie loves pink, but has recently started branching out into brighter colours. She is also the owner of the biggest yarn stash we've ever seen.

Mand is The Technical One

Mand is the person behind our website, and most of our social media. She's usually got a ridiculously complicated project on the go and, as a product-orientated knitter, never likes to leave a WIP languishing.

Mand has approximately 700 project bags, but never has more than a couple of projects on the go. She loves greys with pops of colours, and averages a project a week.