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Woolfull Magazine Issue 11 - 30 August 2017 - Mand's twist on the Ross CAL from Stylecraft


Crocheters love Stylecraft. They also love CAL's. It seems they also love Poldark. Put them all together and you have the Ross CAL from Stylecraft. This version is done in pastel shades, making it bright and airy whilst still looking intricate and detailed.

When I saw the Ross CAL announced by Stylecraft back in June I fell in love with the design. It looked tricky enough to keep me interested, but was done in squares, so seemed more manageable.

I wasn't, however, enamoured by the colours, they look great, but were a bit dark for my taste. As I didn't want to miss out I decided to join in, but pick my own colour scheme.

Step forward, Pastel Poldark.



  • Follow the pattern, even if it sounds a bit odd, it will work out in the end
  • Weave in your ends as you go, trust me it is always easier!
  • Don't worry if you get a little low on some colours near the end, most people did
  • Enjoy it, and show us your results, on Facebook, or on Instagram with #woolfull


To help you follow the pattern and match the colours, here is the original list of colours, along with the one I used. All shades are Stylecraft Special DK, you can get the yarn packs for both the original and my version at the bottom of this page.



Part one seemed almost too easy, 16 small squares, in fairly simple stitches.

Get part one from the Stylecraft website here.



Part two was a bit more intricate but the four larger squares were enough for me to start to see how the colours would work together.

Get part two from the Stylecraft website here.



Part three was where I really got into the stitches. The texture in this piece is amazing, and I love how the blue and grey works together.

Get part three from the Stylecraft website here.



More textured work in this one, and I love the 'circles into squares' effect.

Get part four from the Stylecraft website here.



Part five was a nice change, working in rows instead of rounds. Four rectangles, with a nice easy row of sc in between all the fancy stitches.

Get part five from the Stylecraft website here.



Part six was the biggest and final square. I was flagging a bit by this point, and impatient to see it all joined together, so I was glad there was only one square this week.

Get part six from the Stylecraft website here.



Joining and borders! Finally! I was really excited for this point, to see how all my colours worked together and to see how big this blanket really was. I am really pleased with how it looks, and wouldn't hesitate to do the next Stylecraft CAL.

Get part seven from the Stylecraft website here.


If you want to make your own Poldark blanket you can get the yarn pack for either the original, or my version in our store.