Woolfull Magazine Issue 9 - 11 August 2017 - Wibbly Wobbly Baby Blanket - free pattern


When we got Sirdar No 1 a few weeks ago both Rosie and I were keen to try it out. Softer and more luxurious than other yarns, we thought this was a great choice for modern baby items.

Almost immediately I decided to design a baby blanket. Those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram may have seen progress pictures as I went along.



Sirdar No 1 is a new yarn from Sirdar, to replace their long-running and much loved Wash and Wear yarn.

This is not a direct replacement though, Sirdar No 1 feels much softer, and has a gentle silky feel to it.

Check out our review here for more info, or see the great range of colours in our store.


I wanted to do a wavy pattern, but most of the patterns I found were chevrons (too pointy) or ripples (too flat), so I came up with the wibbly-wobbly design, which is somewhere in the middle (I know, I know, it's all a bit Goldilocks :D).

I fell in love with the range of blues, and knew this was the right choice. The yarn is an absolute joy to work with, and after a little bit of crochet maths trial and error this blanket was done in no time.


With four 100g balls of Sirdar No 1 the finished article is around 29 x 25 inches.

Rosie liked it so much she made one of her own, I love how she changed up the colours to get this modern, striped look.


You can get the free pattern to make your own version of this baby blanket here.

We hope you enjoy the pattern, and please do share your finished makes with us on your social media channel of choice.