Woolfull Magazine Issue 8 - 28 July 2017 - Strawberry Taffy Baby Blanket - free pattern


When we first started looking at the yarns we would like to stock in the shop both Rosie and I were excited by Candy Swirl from Stylecraft. This is their take on the 'cake' yarns that are all the rage right now and Rosie and I both love it.

Check out our yarn review here, my blanket pattern here or the yarn here. Rosie decided to do a squares blanket with this yarn, using large squares to show off the length of the colour changes.


Rosie chose the Strawberry Taffy colourway for her project, a repeating pattern of three shades of pink. We tried to match this up with standard Stylecraft Special DK colours, but couldn't find an exact match. The Candy Swirl shades compliment the existing shades nicely though, so that could be a future project! Rosie's blanket is made using the closed granny square technique. This gives a more modern look than the traditional granny square, and is great for multi-coloured yarn as you really see how the colours flow. Full instructions on how to do this are in our free pattern below.

At first Rosie was a bit frustrated that the colour change in this yarn didn't quite line up at the end of a row, but as the colour change is very even throughout it looks great now it's finished.


This project took 2 balls of Stylecraft Special Candy Swirl DK, you can get yours in our store here.

Download the free pdf pattern here.