Woolfull Magazine Issue 7 - 22 July 2017 - Yarn Review - Sirdar No 1

Sirdar No 1 Yarn Shades

Sirdar No 1 is the new yarn from Sirdar. It comes in 18 great colours, and is wonderfully soft and smooth.

Getting new yarn is one of our very favourite things. We can't wait to show you new things, and we love thinking of all the projects we can make with new yarn when it comes out.

Firstly, the softness. This yarn is so soft and so bouncy you will want to bury your face in it. It feels much softer and silkier than other comparable yarns. At £5 for 100g it's great value too, when compared to Sirdar Snuggly or other similar yarns this is less expensive and definitely feels softer.


Sirdar No 1 is a crepe yarn, which means the inner and outer threads are spun in different directions. This gives great texture, and means you should get less pilling.


We're working with this yarn right now, Rosie is knitting the baby jumper from Pattern 4848 and I am crocheting a wavy blue baby blanket (once I've written up the pattern it will be available on our site for free so watch out for that).


We love love love this yarn, it feels so soft and light and is a joy to work with. Follow us on Facebook for more pictures and updates as our projects progress.