Woolfull Magazine Issue 27 - 10 June 2018 - How to finish knitted items

One of the most frequent comments we get in the shop is that people have never been shown how to do seams or finish off knitting properly.

We've all been there. You spend 12 years (well it feels like it!) knitting a jumper, and then make a mess of the seam and dislike the whole project as a result. To help you out Debbie has made a video showing you how to sew a nice smooth seam, and how to weave in those ends nicely.

First, those seams. In the video we've used knitted squares, but you can use the same technique to join any two pieces of knitting together.

Finally, weaving in all those pesky ends.

We hope these videos help you finish off your knitted items beautifully, and would love to see the things you make.