Woolfull Magazine Issue 21 - 20 May 2018 - Why (and how to) block socks?


Today, as knitting makes a rapid resurgence and as crochet develops in its popularity, more and more of us are trying our hand at making socks.


There are thousands of patterns and different sock yarns available at the moment, along with numerous online tutorials. But how about a little guidance with prolonging the integrity, shape and life of your woolly wonders? As with all wool garments, blankets, etc its important to start the aftercare as soon as the making process is complete.

Before socks are worn for the first time they first need to be blocked. This ensures that  they will retain their shape after each and every time they are washed as well as relaxing the fibres making your socks much softer to the touch.

Many people ask us why they need to block socks, when they're just going to get worn and become foot-shaped anyway. But blocking your socks gives them shape (and helps them keep it) and, frankly, looks a lot nicer. If you've spent hours, days or weeks knitting something, what's an extra half an hour to make them look ultra-fancy?



Blocking a pair of socks couldn't be simpler. Just fill a large bowl with warm water, add a small dose of wool wash, immerse your brand new swanky socks and leave to soak for around 20-30 minutes before squeezing out the excess moisture and hanging up on sock blockers until fully dry. Voila...perfectly shaped, ridiculously soft socks ready to wear.