Woolfull Magazine Issue 18 - 9 March 2018 - Going crazy over cross-stitch


Woolfull deals with all things wool related. There's a bit of a clue in the name! We stock it, sell it, buy it, work with it, play with it and just generally love it.

So what has possessed us to start stocking DMC threads and cross stitch kits and accessories? Well, apart from the fact it's like working with mini wool, it's fun and I personally am a big fan. It's also one of the few things we've been repeatedly asked about since we opened last year.

Like a lot of fellow mini-woollers I completed my first picture when I was still primary school age. As a child I tried my hand at many creative projects, starting easy and working my way up to rather more complex things as I got older.

My earliest woolling memory is of finger knitting, which is great for working on your tension. Get it a bit too tight and it really hurts.

I then tried French knitting using an old cotton reel with nails protruding from the top. Not the safest toy to give a very small child, but I'm pretty sure I was quite sensible!

The next thing I tried was knitting (when I wasn't getting arm ache holding skeins and doing the side to side sway whilst ball winding happened). I was awful at knitting. Very slow and far too tight with my tension resulting in squeaky stitches.


I then progressed on to sewing. I tried tapestry, embroidery and my very favourite - cross stitch. In true Goldilocks style tapestry was too clunky and heavy going, embroidery was too intricate and time consuming, but cross stitch was the perfect in between. Delicate but not too fiddly. Plus, i always thought the finished result was much nicer to look at.

Cross stitch was something I kept revisiting during my teenage years and into adulthood with projects getting bigger and more detailed.

So when we were looking at broadening our stock both in store and online I managed to persuade Mand and Rosie that embroidery threads and cross stitch kits were the way to go. I mean, who wouldn't want to play around with a choice of almost 600 different shades of thread? Apart from cross stitch and embroidery, they can be used for crochet, macrame, bracelets, revamping clothes, Christmas and Easter decorations, greetings cards, wall art...the uses are seemingly endless. We've even had a customer wanting them for use in fly fishing!

As to our future plans, we will shortly be stocking a whole new range of bright funky mini cross stitch kits designed here in the UK, as well as some beautiful modern embroidery kits from a new small company based in France.