Woolfull Magazine Issue 17 - 30 January 2018 - Woolfull Square-A-Day Challenge January Update




We are really enjoying this challenge, and think it will help us all to be better crocheters.

Mand - I am quite methodical, I usually only have one project at a time and try hard to finish things as soon as possible. Forcing myself to have several projects at once during the challenge is so far making me far more patient, and means I am taking time to enjoy the process as well as the results. It's also meaning I try more complicated stitches, as only doing one of that type of square per week means I'm more willing to experiment.

Rosie - Rosie sometimes struggles to keep momentum on projects, and doing one of each type of square per week means that she gets the freedom to try new techniques and stitches, and won't get bored of projects because she is rotating them around.

Debbie - Debbie only started crocheting last summer, shortly after we opened Woolfull. Doing the challenge means she can try new things, and figure out the things she actually likes to crochet. She's not keen on following patterns, so is also working on designing her own.

How are you all getting on? What do you think of the patterns and yarns we've chosen? What are your plans?

We're really enjoying the pictures you're sharing with us on Facebook and Instagram, please keep them coming.

If you haven't already, check out our Crochet-A-Long group on Facebook: or join the challenge on Instagram using #woolfullchallenge2018


Day 1 - Half and half C2C square in Rico Alpaca Blend Chunky
Day 2 - Back post square using Rico Baby So Soft - pattern here.
Day 3 - Illusion blanket using Caron Simply Soft - pattern here.
Day 4 - African Flower Square using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, pattern available here.
Day 5 - This square is based on the small squares from Part 1 of the Stylecraft Ross CAL, using Stylecraft Special DK. The pattern is available here.
I added an extra row of round 4, but otherwise followed the pattern.
Day 6 - Star Wars square in Single Crochet using Stylecraft Special DK - This week was the AT-AT, you can find the pattern here.
Day 7 - Day 7 is a new design I'm working on. I'll show you the progress as we go, and will then share the pattern at the end. I'm using Stylecraft Special DK.

Debbie is doing the same square each day until she has the required amount. She's using DY Choice Fruity DK. The pattern is one she designed, but we'll share it with you as soon as it's ready. :)

Day 1 - Arielle's Square Blanket, using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. Pattern can be found here:

Day 2 - Daisy Garden Blanket with Stylecraft Special DK. Find the pattern here:
Day 3 - Rosie's own design using Stylecraft Special DK, we'll share the pattern once available.
Day 4 - Rosie's own design using Yarn & Colors Charming, we'll share the pattern once available.
Day 5 - Precious Square Baby Blanket with DY Choice Baby Cloud Aran. Get the pattern here:
Day 6 - Rosie's own design using Debbie Bliss Botany Lace, we'll share the pattern once available.
Day 7 - Granny Heart Square from Stylecraft Special DK. The pattern is available here:


It's the end of the first week of our Square-A-Day Challenge for 2018. We're loving it so far, and think it really helps us all in different ways. More on that later.

All of our patterns have stayed the same this week, we've just changed colour and in the case of my Star Wars blanket I've done a different square pattern.

We've really enjoyed seeing you posting your squares on Instagram, or in our Facebook group. It's amazing to see the different colours and patterns you're all choosing.

If you're joining in and need a little more inspiration you can find ideas on our Pinterest board here: We've added a few more square ideas for you this week.


 This week sees the third week of our Square-A-Day Challenge, and we're really happy to see more and more of you are joining us on social media.

It's been a real mix this week, with some days being strangely themed (Sunday was definitely very blue-tinged for example).


Our squares for this week are the same as last week, but we have a couple of pattern updates for you:

- One of my squares is a C2C pattern, done in two colours. We posted a picture of a corner to corner blanket Debbie made on Facebook and a couple of you asked for a pattern. You can download our free Corner-to-corner pattern here.

- My square for Saturday was a Yoda square that lots of you liked. My Star Wars blanket will be made up with squares from two different blankets:

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It's the end of January (I know, where did it go?) and we thought we'd give you a little update on our challenge.

We've really enjoyed doing this and we've managed to make squares every day so far (although we've gone down to the wire a time or two!).

Without further ado, here is our January picture in all it's colourful glory.


Here is the full list of patterns used so far:

Anything not listed here is a pattern we’re designing, we’ll share them all with you as soon as we can.

We've really loved watching what you all are doing with your squares, and we can't wait to start showing you some finished items.

Bring on February!

As always, we'd love for you to share your squares, patterns or ideas with us, check out our Crochet-A-Long group on Facebook: or join the challenge on Instagram using #woolfullchallenge2018