Woolfull Magazine Issue 15 - 10 December 2017 - Glittery Wrap/Shawl - free crochet pattern


Every so often I get an idea in my head for something I want to make, and I can picture the finished item immediately. I've had the idea for this shawl since late Summer, but other priorities or projects have gotten in the way.

I even knew that the finished item would wing it's way to Debbie's mum as a gift. Margaret loves glittery yarns, and likes to wear a shrug-type garment with a dress. She's going on a cruise next year, and I knew this would be perfect.

Here's Margaret trying her glittery new wrap on for size.


Anyway, to the pattern.

This wrap is super simple. It's a two row repeat, so you can get the rhythm in no time.

Download it for free here.


In total I used 200g of Rico Fashion Cotton Metallise.

This yarn is perfect for a wrap to go with a party dress, it's weighty enough to feel reassuring, and the cotton content makes it warm but not stifling.

Enjoy, and if you make this wrap be sure to post on our Facebook page, or in our CAL group.