Woolfull Magazine Issue 10 - 24 August 2017 - Debbie's Back Loop Ridgeback Scarf - free pattern


By Debbie

Prepare yourselves for a whole heap of firsts. This is my first article, introducing my first crochet pattern, in a certain colour I'm using for the first time ever!

Still being totally honest, I'm not a crocheter. In fact I'm barely a knitter. To me, crochet always looked like some kind of strange wizardry where a little hooked wand is waved at some yarn in a wiggly fashion before, hey presto...something massive and fabulous suddenly appears!

I was initiated into the crocheters magic circle by Rosie just 2 months ago when it was decided I really should learn how to wield a hooked wand. Since then I've made 5 blankets and now a scarf.

So after a few days of head scratching, mumbling and frogging I am thrilled to bring you my first ever crochet pattern for my Back Loop Ridgeback Scarf.

And in another first, I created this pattern using a colour I have never used before. The reason I've always avoided green in the past is that I've never actually liked the colour, until very recently that is. I don't know how it happened, but now I seem to be weirdly drawn to all yarns green. Weight or shade doesn't seem to matter, I like them all. You may notice an abundance of green in our Autumn/Winter yarns!


So a couple of weeks ago I debated my options for using a 200g Pistachio Caron Cake. I settled on a scarf. Then I spent the next week plucking up the courage to start my project, using a new stitch, the back loop only double crochet. I've really enjoyed using the double crochet on a few of my blankets, but wanted to try something a little more adventurous this time. Plus the back loop only dc looks amazing with all its ridged loveliness.

The end result? A fabulously cosy scarf made with just one Caron Cake in a funky looking stitch that's simple enough even for a beginner to make.

Download the free pdf pattern here, and be sure to show us what you make, either here or on Facebook. Lke our Facebook page to get updates, yarn news and more free patterns.