Knitting: The Card Game

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Product Overview

Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of fiber art with indie dyed yarn and patterns from indie designers. The yarn is real. The patterns are real. The actual knitting is implied.


Earn points with every Finished Object: stash the right yarn for a pattern, cast-on, knit and finally place your FOs on your blocking mat. Collect secret points and play action cards that speed up your projects or slow down your opponent with cards from the Community deck.


Box contains:

  • 116 x Yarn Cards — 96 solid skeins, 12 each in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White and Grey and 20 Wild skeins in an array of different colors
  • 40 x Pattern Cards — real life patterns from real pattern artists
  • 26 x Community Cards — an array of action cards, mini pattern cards and good deed cards
  • 16 x Cast-On Cards — 4 for each player in Pink, Yellow, Green & Black
  • x Finished Object (FO) Blocking Mats
  • x Turn Order Cards
  • Instructions
  • x Box — with room for future expansion packs





(No reviews yet) Write a Review